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Lowest Prices in Toronto for Cisco® routers Cisco® Switches Cisco® Pix Firewalls, Laptops Computers, , and Service & Maintenance. Guaranteed!!! We will Price Match any lower prices + 10% off*  within  30 days of purchase.

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Cisco® Routers, Laptops & Computers, Toronto, Canada & USA.

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This week special : Cisco CCNA Package Cdn$ 95.00
Dell Latitude D610 1.73.0Ghz/1GB/40GB/ DVD-CDRW/WiFi/battery $ 195.00
Cisco Router Canada Deals

Cheap Refurbished laptops Deals (All Prices are in Cdn$)
Dell Laptops Toronto 
Toshiba laptops Toronto HP Laptops Toronto   IBM laptops TorontoCompaq laptops Toronto

  Cheap laptop Toronto                                                                                                             Refurbished Laptops          

IBM Lenovo T400 C2D 2.26Ghz/2GB/160GB/DVD-CDW combo/Wifi/Win7 -$ 195.00 or Price Match
HP Elite Book 6930P 2GB , 160GB HDD, Intel Core2Du 2.26GHz & DVD-RW/Win7 $ 195.00or Price Match
Dell Lattitude D620,Intel C2D 2.2Ghz/2.0GB DDR2/500GB SATA/DVDRW with Adapter$ 195 or Price Match
HP Elite Book 8440P 4GB , 250GB HDD, Intel Corei5 2.4GHz & DVD-RW/Win 7 $ 345.00 or Price Match

Used PC Deals (Cheap computers)
  Cheap computer Toronto                                                                                                               used computers     

Compaq PIII 733MHz/128MB/15GB/CD/FDD/NIC Cdn$ 45.00 or Price match
Compaq PIV (SFF)1.8Ghz/1GB/40GB/CD/FDD/NIC Cdn$ 65.00 or Price Match
Compaq PIV (SFF)2.6Ghz/1GB/40GB/CD/FDD/NIC Cdn$ 85.00 or Price Match
Compaq PIV 2.8GHz/256MB/40GB/CD/FDD/NIC Cdn$ 95.00 or Price Match
Compaq PIV 3.0GHz/1GB/40GB/CD/FDD/NIC Cdn$ 125.00 or Price Match
HP P4 (SFF)P4 3.2Ghz/1GB/80GB/CD/FDD/ Cdn$ 145.00 or Price match

New, Used, Cisco Routers Toronto

( including Switches, PIX Firewalls , voice modules )

Used Cisco Routers                                                                                                               Used Cisco switches  
Cisco 870 Series       (Cisco 871-k9, 871-SEC-K9, 877-K9, 877-SEC/K9, 877W-G-A-K9 )
Cisco 1700 Series      (Cisco 1720, 1721, 1750, 1751)
Cisco 1800 Series      ( Cisco 1841, 1811/K9, 1841-HSEC/K9, 1841-T1, 1841-T1SEC/K9 )

Cisco 2500 Series      (Cisco 2501, 2503,2505,2507,2509,2511,2514,2522,2523 )

Cisco 2600 Series      (Cisco 2610, 2611,2620,2621,2650,2651)
Cisco 2600XM Series (Cisco 2610XM,
2611XM, 2620XM, 2621XM, 2651XM)
Cisco 2800 Series      ( Cisco 2801,2811, 2821, 2851 )
Cisco 3600 Sereis      (Cisco 3620, 3640, 3660, CISCO 3662-AC)
Cisco 3800 Series      ( Cisco 3825, 3845 )

Cisco Switches in Toronto

Cisco 2900 series      ( Cisco 2924, 2948, 2950, WS-C2960-24TT-L, WS-C2970G-24T-E)
Cisco 3500 Series    ( Cisco 3524, 3550,WS-C3550-PWR-SMI, WS-C3560-24TS-E )

Cisco Modules in Toronto

NM Modules -  Cisco, NM-1E, NM-1E2W, NM-2E2W, NM-2FE2W, NM-HDV, NM-2V, NM-8A/S
NM-4A S, NM-2W, NM-4B-U, NM-8B-U, NM-HDV-2T1, NM-1FE-FX, NM-1FE-FX-V2, NM-HDV2

WIC Modules - Cisco, WIC-1T, WIC-1ADSL, WIC-2T, WIC-2A-S, WIC-1DSU-T1, WIC-1DSU-T1-V2

Cisco memory for all Cisco Routers: carry Cisco flash & memory for Cisco, 1700 series router, 1800 series router, 2500 series router, 2600 series router, 2800 series router, 3600 series router, 3700 series router, 3800 series router, and memory for PIX firewalls, Cisco PVDM, Cisco PVDM2

refurbished Cisco routers

Cheap, Cisco Router Sales in Toronto

New and used Cisco routers on sale. Sale price starts as low as $275 Canadian Dollars. Call for Special Discountson Refurbished Cisco Switches Bulk Orders.. More cheap Cisco Routers >>

Cheap used computersComputer Sales in Toronto

Great deals on Compaq III & IV computers from Imagine a 500 MHz Desktop Computer for only $45 Canadian Dollars!. Our cheap laptops prices starts at $ 175.00 More used PC or Computers>>

Computer repair Toronto

Computer repair Toronto. (for Home, Small & Medium Businesses)

Need to upgrade or service your computer? Or do you need to install Software and/or Operating Systems at low price to used PC? can help you...More about Computer repair>>

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  • Customer Centric Approach
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* Proof of lower price is required. Price match will only be done on exact same model and configurations on Computers, Laptops & Routers. We reserve the right to restrict or deny any claim.

Cisco® CCIE Lab Rack Renal

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USED Cisco routers offer 90 days warranty for all used Cisco routers & used Cisco switches. And our used cisco modules, used Cisco PIX also come with 90 days full warranty


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We have some free used Cisco routers in our Toronto store. Please call us for more info. offers Cheap new used computer computers repair service maintenance laptop Cisco Routers sale Toronto Canada